Niall helping Preston do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!



Turin, Italy



I started a journal last year right before the first time I saw the boys and I’ve been filling it with poems and my stories and pictures of my whole story and all to give to whoever I felt needed it when I finished, and it got to the end of the journal this week, a year after my first concert, and onto my second show now and coming full circle and all, and I’ve been meaning to give it to harry this week and say “I figure you get lonely while on tour and when i was alone I had you so when you’re alone you can have me” but I never got to meet him so I just wrote that on a paper from my hotel room with a “thank you so much” at the bottom and just now at the concert I was sitting right by the catwalk so I got Harry’s attention and showed him my journal and he said to throw it so I did and he caught it and flipped it and smiled at all the writings and pictures and told me he’d read it after the show and told me thank you and just do you know what it’s like to hear your hero tell you thank you when you just gave them a novel on how you became so thankful for them it’s indescribable and I can’t believe he’s holding my story in his hands

"Louis took Liams snapback and put it on Nialls head and Liam tried to look angry but it was just really cute" 30/10